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RW-17 SmartWatch Haino Teko

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Color: GOLD
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  1. Item Condition: New

    • This suggests that the product is in brand-new condition, indicating that it has not been used before.
  2. Brand: Haino Teko

    • Haino Teko is the brand of the smartwatch.
  3. Product Type: Watch

    • The product is a watch, specifically a smartwatch.
  4. Model Number: RW-17

    • RW-17 is the model number assigned to this particular smartwatch.
  5. Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

    • The smartwatch utilizes Bluetooth technology for connectivity, which implies it can potentially connect to other devices like smartphones or tablets.
  6. Features:

    • Waterproof: The smartwatch is designed to be resistant to water, implying that it can be used in wet conditions without damage.
    • Bluetooth: This indicates that the smartwatch supports Bluetooth connectivity.
  7. Gender: Women

    • The smartwatch is designed for women, suggesting that it has a design or features tailored to female users.
  8. Description:

    • The description provides additional information about the product, emphasizing its Bluetooth HD Calling capabilities and positioning it as a combo for ladies and girls.

Overall, this smartwatch seems to offer a combination of features including Bluetooth connectivity, waterproof design, and HD calling capabilities, making it a potentially versatile and stylish choice for women and girls.